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Corporate Finance

AllianceBrasil structures and obtains financing for projects and other strategic purposes. These undertakings involve multiple financing sources, including private banks, governmental banks and multilateral institutions. Alliance works intensively with clients to understand their financial needs and then pursues to match the appropriate financing sources and solutions. Throughout an assignment the firm keeps continuous contact with target financing sources, serving as the key liaison and problem solver on behalf of its clients.

Mergers and Acquisitions

An experienced team with solid legal and audit support enables AllianceBrasil to provide the full range of M&A services from advice on the strategic and financial evaluation of a transaction through its negotiation and legal and operational execution. In order to accomplish that, AllianceBrasil works in partnership with traditional legal firms, auditing companies and specialized consultants to enhance its services' quality with absolute confidentiality and discretion.

Restructuring and Reorganization

AllianceBrasil's Restructuring and Reorganization services help clients to return their business to consistent profitability and competitiveness enhancing its productivity, growth and financial health.
AllianceBrasil's R&R service is developed to turn around the entire company, optimizating process, renegotiating bank debts, restoring managerial and operational capabilities, developing and executing a complete and thorough strategic business and raising new sources of financing.
AllianceBrasil partners are experienced executives with hands-on expertise in many industry sectors, who have already managed critical situations successfully before.

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